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The power we call God - towards a global understanding: Quaker threshings

01/01/2017, £3.00
The power of God is known in new ways for many of us today. This can be pursued over four challenging group sessions. This booklet will spark strong responses when read alone but is aimed at those bold study groups who dare to live adventurously.

This I Warn You In Love: witness of some early Quaker women

At the birth of the Quaker Way, the witness of women Friends was powerful. This booklet will challenge us, whether in study groups or individually, to ask where such radical faith could lead today.

Through us, not from us: vocal ministry and Quaker worship

'Through us, not from us' recounts the talks of four experienced Friends from a conference on Vocal Ministry, examining the context in which it began and how it is now practised and nurtured.

Visioning New Fire: working for Quaker renewal

01/01/2014, £3.00
A significant cross-section of contemporary Quakers met for an intensive weekend with a clear wish to explore their longing for a revitalised Religious Society of Friends. This booklet is their journey.

What Does Love Require of Us? Quaker promptings towards love in action

01/01/2017, £3.00
'What does Love require of us?' explores the forty-two Advices and Queries, guidelines and challenges. These spiritual experiences strive to put love in action as a way of life and as the heart of Quaker worship.

Breakthrough to Unity: The Quaker Way held within the mystic traditions

01/11/2010, £3.00
Breakthrough to Unity aims to induct seekers into the mystical tradition through understanding and practice.
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