Looking through Jesus: Lenten reflections on St Luke's Gospel

In 47 daily Lenten reflections on readings from Luke’s Gospel, beginning on Ash Wednesday, Alan Bartlett examines how we see Jesus.
ISBN: 9781848679306
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Product description
In Looking though Jesus, Alan Bartlett will help you experience the deep humanity of Jesus and, thorugh it, meet God in him. Choosing to focus only on Luke, Alan argues that the divinity of Jesus is not hidden in this Gospel. From early on in the narrative, Luke makes it clear that Jesus is the Son of God. Yet we also see a very human Jesus in Luke, a sympathetic and accessible human being. Luke was trying to persuade his hearers and readers to see God through Jesus. As we say in the creeds, Jesus was both truly God and truly human but, Alan Bartlett argues, Jesus remains a bit baffling and so remains distant. However, if we are prepared to spend time with the Jesus presented to us in the Gospels, looking slowly and honestly, then we will meet him, experience his deep humanity and move through that to see God in him and so meet God in him.
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