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Three Windows on Heaven

19/12/2013, £24.95
This remarkable book gathers statements from prominent figures in the three great monotheistic faiths.

Time to Talk about Dying: How Clergy and Chaplains can help Senior Adults Prepare for a Good Death

21/06/2018, £18.99
Presenting clergy and chaplains with unique therapeutic tools for helping senior adults enrich their later years, this book gives advice on how to strengthen relationships, find meaning in life and feel comfortable approaching life's final chapter.

Tools for Transformation

08/06/2004, £10.60
If you want to bring the best of yourself to the rest of your life, Tools of Transformation is a book you’ll find packed with helpful guidance, illustrations, and exercises.

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

04/01/2011, £12.99
Drawing on a wide range of material - ranging from the spiritual character of the world religions to the findings of contemporary neuroscience.

Universe as Revelation

01/05/2013, £9.50
Changing contexts calls for fresh theological thinking.

Very Heath Robinson: Stories of His Absu

01/04/2017, £40.00
`I have been ill and frightfully bored and the one thing I have wanted is a big album of your absurd beautiful drawings to turn over. You give me a peculiar pleasure of the mind like nothing else in the world.' - H. G. Wells to W. Heath Robinson.

When Things Fall Apart

Pema Chodron reveals the vast potential for happiness, wisdom and courage even in the most painful circumstances. Pema Chodron teaches that there is a fundamental opportunity for happiness right within our reach, yet we usually miss it - ironically,

Why We Make Things and Why it Matters

02/02/2017, £8.99
Why do we make things? Why do we choose the emotionally and physically demanding work of bringing new objects into the world with creativity and skill?
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