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No Mud No Lotus

The secret to happiness is to acknowledge and transform suffering, not to run away from it. In No Mud, No Lotus, Thich Nhat Hanh offers practices and inspiration transforming suffering and finding true joy.

Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious

19/05/2016, £9.99
Despite predictions of continuing secularisation, the twenty-first century has witnessed a surge of religious extremism and violence in the name of God.

Nothing Special: Living Zen

23/01/1995, £10.99
A Zen Center weekend in a book! The delightfully contemporary teacher and bestselling author "of Everyday Zen"

Obsessive Compulsions: The OCD of Everyday Life

21/06/2018, £13.99
Almost everybody has an obsession or feels a compulsion to do something a certain way. This book explores what they are, why we have them and what we can do about them, through fascinating and highly original insights.

On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity and Getting Old

21/06/2018, £17.99
Drawing on eight decades of life -- and his career as a writer, teacher, and activist -- Palmer explores the questions age raises and the promises it holds.

Panoramas of Lost London: Work, Wealth,

11/05/2017, £60.00
Over 300 spectacular photographs of London's lost buildings from the London Metropolitan Archive in Panoramic format.

Permanent Present Tense

01/01/2013, £9.99
When he was twenty-seven, Henry Molaison underwent surgery for his epilepsy. He awoke with part of his brain destroyed, and for the rest of his life would be trapped in the moment, unable to remember anything for more than a few seconds. For nearly f

Person-centred Counselling in Action

21/05/2007, £22.99
Watch Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne's video on YouTube to hear the story behind the writing of the Third Edition, and to find out about Dave's time spent under the stewardship of Carl Rogers.
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