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Sculpture in the Sixties

20/04/2017, £12.95
Exhibition with scupture from the sixties

Seeing what others dont

13/02/2014, £12.99
What enabled Harry Markopolos to put the finger on master fraudster Bernie Madoff? How did Dr Michael Gottlieb first detect and identify the AIDS epidemic among his patients?

Silence is Goldfish

01/01/2015, £12.99
The third Annabel Pitcher novel from the bestselling and prizewinning author of MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE and KETCHUP CLOUDS, in which Tessie-T discovers she's a Pluto and her parents wanted a Mercury or Venus, at least.

Simplicity Made Easy

27/05/2011, £6.99
In folk history and religion, from the Shakers to Zen, simplicity has generally been considered a good thing.

Slow Fashion: Aesthetics Meets Ethics

21/03/2016, £14.99
Safia Minney argues that the future of brick and mortar retail is in the best in fair trade, sustainable, and organic products, together with vintage, second hand, and local produce.

Small world, big ideas

01/01/2012, £16.99
To prove it, Satish Kumar has invited eleven of those activists he most admires, in areas ranging from environmental change to human rights, to share their own inspiring stories, revealing who or what made them want to change the world - and what kin

Something More: Encountering the Beyond

16/06/2016, £9.99
Mystery, beauty, enchantment, incompleteness, desire, suffering ...In this highly readable book,

Soul at Work: Spiritual Leadership in Organizations

01/08/2005, £14.00
"Working with Margaret Benefiel has helped me, in a short time, become grounded in Spirit in my corporate workplace.
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