Quaker history and biography

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John Woolman 1720-1772

01/01/1999, £15.00
John Woolman, quintessential Quaker, was far ahead of his time. Aside from writing a celebrated Journal and many essays, he was an anti-slavery pioneer - long before there was an abolitionist movement.

John Woolman and the Affairs of Truth

10/02/2011, £16.00
John Woolman was a man of wide erudition and used the entire range of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, as well as biblical literature, exactly quoting on some occasions, freely paraphrasing in context on others.

Living Threads Making the Quaker Tapestry

The companion to the 'Pictorial Guide to the Quaker Tapestry'

Lucy Faithfull: Mother to Hundreds

31/07/2010, £12.00
A life-long and passionate campaigner for children, Baroness Lucy Faithfull (1910-1996) was one of the most eminent social workers of the twentieth century.
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