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Quaker meetings and pastoral care

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This beautifully written book by Australian poet John Allison shows how poetry can reveal aspects of the world invisible to science. Allison describes the path to 'true imagination', an intensification of ordinary imagination, which can lead to real
Death is the most predictable thing that will happen to any of us and one of the few experiences we share with every other human being, yet we hardly give it a thought. Most of us behave as if pretending it didn't exist gives is a measure of control
In this text, the Dalai Lama advises us to gain familiarity with the process and practices of death so that when we are physically weak, our minds can still be focused in the right direction, and in the right manner.
The prayers in this collection represent a strong and vibrant belief in God, which led, under the influence of the missionaries, to the development of the flourishing African Church of today. European missionaries and settlers in Africa found rich pr
In her 75th year, Sarton's long career was undergoing a substantial revival as a new generation discovered her work. Delighted at this growing readership, she looked forward to a good year - until she suffered a stroke.