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Quaker meetings and pastoral care

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And We Fly Away is the story of the final years and death of the author's wife. Ashford's own emergence from sorrow is marked by the conviction that death is not the end, but a marvelous beginning. Ashford tells his story in spare, poetic prose and i
As author of this useful book, Juan Nakamori, comments: 'These 177 messages were sent to me by the angels. If you have a question that you cannot solve, then these messages will always give you the right - or necessary - answer. Use these simple five
Extraordinary angelic coincidences and delightful minor miracles have long been a subject of fascination, especially since Carl Jung explored their value and expression in today's world.In this fascinating book by the author of An Angel At My Shoulde
From the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, this work offers stories on the theme of love between parents and children.
Joining the wisdom of East and West, a modern spiritual master proposes a new Christian mysticism for the third millennium, one that will help humanity to transcend violence and heal the earth. Seamlessly blending history and philosophy, and with dee