Quaker religious thought

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A Convergent Model of Renewal

20/02/2015, £21.00
Today's crisis of faith traditions cry out for revitalisation. In this book, C. Wess Daniels proposes a model that holds together both tradition and innovation in ways that foster participatory change.

A faith to call our own

06/01/1999, £8.00
Alex Wildwood's 1999 Swarthmore lecture enquires into the experience at the heart of Quaker faith.

A Living Faith Second Edition

15/05/1990, £32.50
A systematic theological reflection on Quaker beliefs. Widely used in theology courses. Includes questions for use in group discussions and a glossary of theological terms.

A Quaker Prayer Life

15/10/2013, £7.99
David Johnson asks "How did early Quakers pray?", and draws on early Quaker and other writings to answer this question. A Quaker prayer life arises from a life of continuing daily attentiveness.

An Experiment in Faith 323

01/10/1995, £4.50
PHP 323 Quaker Faith and Practice

An Inward Legacy: Selections from Letters to his Friend Edited with an introduction by Gilbert Kilpack (PHP 92)

01/01/1956, £1.00
These excerpts from Forbes Robinson's letters have a common theme: the force of grace and Christian prayer, love, and revelation. Pendle Hill Pamphlet #92

Answering That of God: discovering Spirit within

01/04/2012, £3.00
What do we mean when, as Quakers, we speak of 'that of God'? This booklet speaks with a bold clarity both to the reader at home and to a study group looking for inspiring encounters.
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