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Answering That of God: discovering Spirit within

01/04/2012, £3.00
What do we mean when, as Quakers, we speak of 'that of God'? This booklet speaks with a bold clarity both to the reader at home and to a study group looking for inspiring encounters.

Assisted Dying

01/01/2016, £9.00
A systematic theological reflection on Quaker beliefs. Widely used in theology courses. Includes questions for use in group discussions and a glossary of theological terms.

Can Quakerism speak to the times? (PHP 78)

01/01/1954, £1.00
In his Pendle Hill pamphlet (no. 78), John H. Hobart asks what is the best way to interpret Quakerism in the modern world.

Christ in Catastrophe (PHP 49)

01/01/1949, £2.50
A German teacher discusses living during Hitler’s regime, and out of that suffering discovers God. Pendle Hill pamphlet no. 49.

Conflict in Meetings New Edition

Eldership and Oversight Handbooks. Volume 4, 2nd edition.

Consider The Blackbird

04/01/2007, £12.00
Pandemics, civil wars, religious extremism, spilling of blood in the name of sacred and secular causes, destruction of our environment...Why write a book on spirituality and language? Don't we need calls to action, positive plans to change the world?
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