Quaker religious thought

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Explorations: discovering a spiritual way

'Explorations' unfolds the journeys of some Quakers as they discover a spiritual way that speaks to them.

Faith power and peace

Swarthmore Lecture 2015. To say 'yes' to peace we must say a final 'no' to war and join together, heart and soul, in the task of creating peace by peaceful means, speaking with one authentic and passionate voice.

George Fox and the Quakers

Though Fox's own Journal tells his life-story fully and vividly, some readers find it so detailed, and so quick to assume his reader's familiarity with situations, events and outlooks of his time that it is difficult to read or grasp it as a whole.

God and Decision Making

In a world in which efficiency is a first tenet of good business, Quakers aspire to do theirs in a worshipful way. In arriving at a decision, the priority is to achieve a sense of ground the process of decision-making...

Heaven on Earth: Quakers and the Second Coming

01/01/2018, £10.00
Central to the faith of early Friends was the present sense of the Second Coming of Christ and the bringing of heaven on earth.
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