Quaker religious thought

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Only Fellow-Voyagers

01/05/1995, £6.00
The theme of this book is the integrity of Creation. Anne thomas shares her insights with us, drewing principally from the book of Genesis, and from creation stories of other cultures.

Our Life Is Love: The Quaker Spiritual J

19/02/2016, £12.00
This book you hold in your hands can build a holy brige among all branches and traditions of Friends who have the courage to walk across it, so please pass it on!

Quaker faith and practice 5th DAISY

The 5th edition of 'Quaker faith and practice' in audio as a DAISy disc.

Quaker Spirituality: selected writings

01/01/1984, £21.99
Writings from the major voices of the Quaker movement from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Quaker Voices Subscription

A bimonthly journal which aims to nourish the spiritual lives of Friends. Published by Quaker Life, each edition includes articles, poetry and artwork that share Friends' experiences of being Quaker.


Though there have never been many Quakers, these small numbers belie the sect's tremendous impact, both historical and contemporary.
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