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Philosophy for Children Through the Secondary Curriculum

03/05/2012, £24.99
This book offers practical guidance, lesson stimuli and online resources for embedding Philosophy for Children (P4C) into secondary level subjects.

Positive Peace in Schools: Tackling Conflict and Creating a Culture of Peace in the Classroom

13/04/2017, £24.99
Positive Peace in Schools offers a fresh and challenging perspective on the question of conflict, violence and peace in schools.

Rafi's Red Racing Car: Explaining suicide and grief to young children

21/12/2016, £10.99
Rafi loves playing with his daddy, and especially with his favourite toy - a red racing car. But one day his daddy gets so sad that he goes out and doesn't come back. Rafi is confused and scared...

Ramadan Moon

03/03/2011, £6.99
Follow Ramadan from one new moon to the next, and experience its beauty and excitement - early morning meals and prayers, visits to the mosque, fasting in the day, Eid celebrations - in this movingly written and stunningly illustrated book.

Remember War, Make Peace

01/01/2010, £12.99
A collection materials for Remembrance Sunday in which all casualties of war are remembered, with an emphasis on peace.

Rythms of Learning: What Waldorf education offers children, parents and teachers

01/01/2017, £26.95
Waldorf education, an established and growing independent school movement, continues to be shaped and inspired by Rudolf Steiner's numerous lectures on education.

Seeking Refuge: Ali's Story - A real-life account of his journey from Afghanistan

12/11/2015, £8.99
This picture book tells the story of 10-year-old refugee Ali who, accompanied by his grandmother, flees his home country of Afghanistan to avoid the conflict caused by war.

Siblings: How to handle sibling rivalry to create lifelong, loving bonds

15/09/2017, £12.99
Written by a clinical psychologist with over 25 years' experience of family therapy, this book arms parents with the tools and advice needed to create positive sibling relationships.
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