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Margot & Me

26/01/2017, £7.99
How can you hate someone in the present and love them in the past?Fliss's mum needs peace and quiet to recuperate from a long illness, so they both move to the countryside to live with Margot, Fliss's stern and bullying grandmother.

Mind Your Head

01/01/2016, £7.99

The Gender Games

01/06/2017, £16.99
The Gender Games is a frank, witty and powerful manifesto for a world in which everyone can truly be themselves.

This Book is Gay

01/09/2014, £7.99
A funny and pertinent book about being lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, transgender or just curious - for everybody, no matter their gender or sexuality.

What is Gender? How Does It Define Us?

12/10/2017, £13.99
What's the difference between sex and gender? What does it mean to be defined by your gender? Are there only two genders? This informative book helps kids to explore these questions and many more.