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A Quaker Prayer Life

15/10/2013, £7.99
David Johnson asks "How did early Quakers pray?", and draws on early Quaker and other writings to answer this question. A Quaker prayer life arises from a life of continuing daily attentiveness.

Funerals and Memorial Meetings

Volume 2 of the Eldership and Oversight handbook series.

Life Lessons from a Bad Quaker

15/12/2015, £10.99
A humble stumble toward simplicity and grace. For ayone who is bad at being good. Living a life of faith is not as simple as it may look. In fact, it's often characterized more by stumbles than by grace.

Our Life Is Love: The Quaker Spiritual J

19/02/2016, £12.00
This book you hold in your hands can build a holy brige among all branches and traditions of Friends who have the courage to walk across it, so please pass it on!

Quaker Life T-shirt (M)

The newly-designed Quakers for Peace t-shirt features the Quakers for Peace message on the front, and a timeline of 350 years of Quaker action on the back.

Quaker Quicks - The Guided Life: Finding

29/11/2019, £6.99
Quakers have made the cultivation of the guided life the focus of their spirituality for over three centuries. Generations of Quakers have developed practices for nurturing their connection to an inward source of guidance, meaning and purpose.

This We Can Say: Australia Quaker Life

Prepared over a period of nearly 10 years, this is the distillation of the thoughts of around a thousand Quakers with an interest in spiritual subjects.