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Carlos the Chameleon

21/03/2018, £9.99
As a chameleon, it's in Carlos' nature to change his colours in order to fit into his surroundings.

Molly the Mole

21/03/2018, £9.99
Molly is a mole with many friends, including a deer, a butterfly, and an owl. Sometimes Molly feels sad because she doesn't look the same as her friends, and feels very different to them.

Roxy the Raccoon

21/03/2018, £9.99
Roxy lives in the forest with her three best friends, who she loves to visit and play games with.

Vincent the Vixen: A Story to Help Child

21/03/2018, £9.99
Vincent is a fox who loves to play dress-up with their brothers and sisters, but when they always choose to dress up as female characters, Vincent's siblings begin to wonder why.