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An Introduction to Quakerism

31/03/2007, £28.99
This is a comprehensive introduction to Quakerism which balances a history of the theology of the Quakers or Friends with an overview of present day practice. It charts the growth of the Quaker movement through the 1650s and 1660s, its different theo

Celebrating the Quaker Way (2nd Edition)

19/05/2010, £2.50
This pocket-sized book celebrates the Quaker way and affirms the wonderful riches of the Quaker tradition in Britain, and the Quaker 'Liberal tradition' more widely.

Heaven on Earth: Quakers and the Second Coming

01/01/2018, £10.00
Central to the faith of early Friends was the present sense of the Second Coming of Christ and the bringing of heaven on earth.

Living the Quaker Way

This book is a companion volume to 'Celebrating the Quaker Way' and offers explanation on Quaker practice in Britain. Written as part of the author's ongoing ministry, it draws on his experience of Quakerism and includes extracts from Friends.

Making Our Connections

We can travel more than we have ever had the ability to before. Indeed, travel is now part of everyday life for most of us, whether to or for work, or on holiday. This book looks at how we enhance the spiritual dimension of our lives as we constantly