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George Fox and the Quakers

Though Fox's own Journal tells his life-story fully and vividly, some readers find it so detailed, and so quick to assume his reader's familiarity with situations, events and outlooks of his time that it is difficult to read or grasp it as a whole.

George Fox Lesebuch

John Lampen / Emil Fuchs „George Fox Lesebuch” George Fox (1624 - 1690) gilt als der Begründer des Quäkertums. Welche Botschaft hatte George Fox? Wie hat er gelebt? Welche Erfahrungen hat er gemacht? Was war er für ein Mensch? Anhand seines umfangreichen „Journals“ (Tagebuch) näherten sich Emil Fuchs 1935 und John Lampen 1981 auf verschiedene Weise diesem ungewöhnlichen Mann - mit zahlreichen Zitaten. Hardcover, 276 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-929696-54-7, Euro 15 + shipping orders or per E-Mail:

George Fox: A Christian Mystic

01/11/2008, £9.95
"A mystic is one who has had the experience that the divine Ultimate and the essence of the individual Self are fundamentally one and the same."

George Fox's 'Book of Miracles'

08/03/2012, £16.99
George Fox (1624-91), founder of The Religious Society of Friends (or Quakers), was well known during his lifetime as a healer and worker of miracles.

The Essence of ... George Fox's Journal

Axios s Essence of Series takes the greatest works of practical philosophy and pares them down to their essence. Selected passages flow together to create a seamless work that will capture your interest from page one.

The Journal of George Fox (Nickalls ed.)

01/01/1952, £15.00
George Fox through his leadership and writingsis regarded as the seminal figure of Society of Friends. The son of a leicestershire weaver, he left home at the age of nineteen in search of men and women who were on a like spiritual pilgrimage.