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A Christmas Story with Nativity Set

03/10/2013, £11.99
'Once, a long time ago, in a town called Nazareth, a little donkey was born.' As the wonderful events of the Nativity unfold, Brian Wildsmith tells of the journey of a little girl and a donkey to Bethlehem. Christmas s

Brian Wildsmith's Animal Gallery

01/02/2010, £7.99
This beautiful book will delight young animal lovers. Through evocative paintings, children are brought face to face with wildlife from around the world.

The Easter Story

07/02/2008, £6.99
'Once, a long time ago, a little donkey was brought to Jesus.' The story of Easter is told here through the eyes of the donkey that carried Jesus into the city of Jerusalem.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

01/11/2007, £5.99
The Twelve Days of Christmas captures all the joy and fun of Christmas-time. Brian Wildsmith has painted magical, vivid scenes to accompany each verse of this well-known, well-loved traditional Christmas song.