SOR Book Box Help

Book boxes

Sale or Return book boxes are provided to meetings who request them. They are a selection of titles the meeting makes available to all members to browse and purchase, on a range of Quaker related topics. We are happy to put together book boxes on specific topics (such as peace or sustainability) if requested.

To request a book box, please email

Please note, when unpacking your book box, the books (except Advices & Queries) should be priced. If they are not, please do not price them in ink or use your own sticky labels. Please use pencil.

When returning your book box please follow these guidelines

  • It is particularly crucial that everything arrives back together – ie, the unsold books and any payment - it avoids confusion if we can marry up payment with the returned books at the same time. We try to ensure that your book box does not exceed a maximum value of £350.00.
  • When returning your unsold books please include:
    • The paperwork originally included in the box (this has your account number and the invoice number on it as well as the list of books)
    • Payment – cheques should be made payable to “Britain Yearly Meeting”.
  • Pack the books well when returning them by post. A “shake test” will show if they are sliding around in the box – please re-pack if necessary. We appreciate that returning the unsold books to us can be expensive, and as such you can keep up to £20 from the takings for the return postage.
  • Please do not pass the books to another meeting without our express permission.
  • You can keep the books for up to 50 days (almost two months) unless there has been a prior agreement or a phone call later to request extra time.
  • All boxes must be returned and payment made in full before another book box can be sent out.
  • We do not usually send copies of Quaker Faith & Practice in the boxes. Most meetings have copies, they are very heavy and damage easily in transit.
  • When you are selling the books you may wish to ensure you have change available, as well as a supply of carrier bags.

Some general points

  • We ask you to return the box after 50 days (almost two months) unless alternative arrangements have been made.

  • We pay outward postage: you may deduct up to £20 from the takings to help with the return postage.

  • At the moment we cannot organise collection, and ask you to return books to us from your local Post Office with Parcel Force. If you have any other queries regarding your book box, please contact Wendy on 020 7663 1125 or the Quaker Bookshop on 020 7663 1030.