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30 Second Religion

02/03/2015, £14.99
30-Second Religion decants and demystifies the key beliefs, deities, origins, and iconography of the worlds major religions, denominations, and less widespread sects and cults.

A Moment of Peace

15/06/2007, £10.99
In 1994 I started to write down my thoughts. My mind started to open to a different way of thinking and viewing life, and this gave me the need to record my thoughts.

A Nazareth Manifesto: Being with God

29/05/2015, £19.99
A Nazareth Manifesto is an eloquent and impassioned ecumenical proposal for re-envisioning Christianity s approach to social engagement away from working for the people to being with them.

A Spring Within Us: A Year of Daily Meditations

18/10/2018, £19.99
In these daily reflections, Richard Rohr invites us to rediscover the spring hidden inside each one of us. He reminds us of our inherent belovedness and God's indwelling presence.

A World Religions Bible

01/11/2010, £19.99
This collection provides a unique overall view of the collective spiritual wisdom of humanity, and the introductions to each religious tradition provide a succinct summary of how we can relate this wisdom to our own lives today.

Absolute in History, The

01/01/2018, £49.99
This new volume in the Collected Works of Walter Kasper makes available Kasper's examination of German Idealism from a theological point of view for the first time in English.

All Will be Well

28/04/2008, £7.99
Each book in the Thirty Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher series provides a month of daily readings from one of Christianity's most beloved spiritual guides.

And Breathe

20/10/2016, £14.99
A wellbeing guide to the art of conscious breathing techniques: boost energy, combat stress and improve heart health.

Answering That of God: discovering Spirit within

01/04/2012, £3.00
What do we mean when, as Quakers, we speak of 'that of God'? This booklet speaks with a bold clarity both to the reader at home and to a study group looking for inspiring encounters.

Atlas of World Religions

23/11/2018, £14.99
Featuring more than fifty-seven brand new maps, photographs, diagrams and charts, the Atlas of the World Religions is an essential companion to any study of the key religions of the world.
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