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Steps in a Large Room: A Quaker explores the monastic tradition

Christopher Holdsworth's 1985 Swarthmore lecture draws on his own experience to present aspects of the monastic tradition which mjay be useful for Quakers.

A faith to call our own

06/01/1999, £8.00
Alex Wildwood's 1999 Swarthmore lecture enquires into the experience at the heart of Quaker faith.

Authority, Leadership and Concern

From 1940 to 1946, Roger Cowan Wilson was General Secretary and Travelling Commissioner of the Friends Relief Service.

Changing Ourselves, changing the world.

01/01/2018, £12.00
Presenting the Swarthmore Lecture 2018 by Chris Alton

Faith power and peace

Swarthmore Lecture 2015. To say 'yes' to peace we must say a final 'no' to war and join together, heart and soul, in the task of creating peace by peaceful means, speaking with one authentic and passionate voice.

Forgiving Justice: a Quaker vision for criminal justice

Tim Newell's 2000 Swarthmore lecture, revised for this 2007 edition, looks at possible Quaker approaches to criminal justice. The book includes insights from Circles of Support and Accountability as well as ideas for study and action.

Journey into Life

25/05/2013, £6.00
Gerald Hewitson's 2013 Swarthmore Lecture weaves the author's own story of becoming and being a Quaker into the context of the Quaker tradition.

Mending broken hearts; rebuilding shattered lives

28/08/2016, £6.00
PRE ORDER ONLY. THIS TITLE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 2016. Mending broken hearts; rebuilding shattered lives Quaker peacebuilding in Eastern Africa. The 2016 Swarthmore Lecture
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