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The Quaker Bookshop at Friends House

The Quaker Bookshop at Friends House

Embracing Simplicity

In the heart of London, across from Euston Station, lies a place that quietly holds wisdom and tranquillity - Quaker Bookshop. Born in 1926 as a humble Quaker Library and later transformed into the Quaker Centre Bookshop, this cherished institution finds its home at Friends House, a Grade II listed heritage site. Join us as we journey through the humble history, cherished values, and offerings of this sacred space.

A Place of Heritage and Legacy

Quaker Bookshop's story began in 1926, opening its doors to the world. From a Quaker Library to a thriving bookshop, it has nurtured knowledge and Quaker ideals for nearly a century. Friends House, the historic shelter for the bookshop, symbolism Quakerism's enduring commitment to peace, justice, and simplicity.

A Space for Reflection and Enlightenment

A visit to Quaker Bookshop transcends mere shopping; it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of profound literature. Nestled in a tranquil space that houses the Seed cafe, the bookshop offers a vast collection of books on Quakerism, ethical living, activism, world religions, peace, sustainability, and related subjects. Whether you seek spiritual guidance, inspiration for social change, or a moment of contemplation, this bookshop speaks to your soul.

A Haven for All Ages

Quaker Bookshop recognizes the importance of nurturing young minds. Here, a sizable children's section awaits, stocked with books that champion values of peace, equality, and kindness. It is a sanctuary where young readers can embark on journeys and glean essential life lessons through the magic of storytelling.

Beyond Books

While books are at the heart of Quaker Bookshop, they offer more than just pages. Visitors can explore a selection of merchandise and Quaker outreach resources, tangible ways to engage with Quaker values.

Living by Quaker Values

Quaker Bookshop humbly abides by the Quaker values of equality, peace, truth, justice, and simplicity. These values permeate the serene and welcoming atmosphere where all are welcomed with open arms. Whether you are a seasoned Quaker or merely curious about their way of life, you will find a warm embrace here.

Quaker Bookshop stands as a testament to the timeless spirit of Quakerism and its dedication to nurturing knowledge, peace, and social justice. With a storied past, a diverse array of offerings, and an unwavering commitment to Quaker principles, it remains a cherished sanctuary for those seeking wisdom and a deeper connection to a world guided by love and compassion.

We invite you to step inside, peruse its humble shelves, and become part of the remarkable journey at Friends House in London. Quaker Bookshop is not just a bookshop; it is a sanctuary of wisdom and values that enriches lives and nurtures the spirit.

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