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Islam without Extremes

25/11/2013, £11.99
As the Arab Spring threatens to give way to authoritarianism in Egypt and reports from Afghanistan detail widespread violence against U.S.

Islam: A Short History

One of the world's foremost commentators on religious affairs on the history (and destiny) of the world's most misunderstood religion. In the public mind, Islam is a religion of extremes: it is the world's fastest growing faith; more than three-quart

Islam: The Essentials

02/03/2017, £8.99
The essential introduction to Islam by a leading expert Hardly a day goes by without mention of Islam. And yet, for most people, and in much of the world, Islam remains a little-known religion.

Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know

01/10/2016, £9.99
Recent events have focused attention on Islam, the often - misunderstood faith of one billion people.

Just Your Average Muslim

19/03/2015, £8.99
This fascinating and original book provides a better insight into the life of "just your average Muslim" than you will find anywhere else.

Letters to a Young Muslim

12/01/2017, £16.99
In a series of personal letters to his sons, Omar Saif Ghobash offers a short and highly readable manifesto that tackles our current global crisis with the training of an experienced diplomat and the personal responsibility of a father.

Love in a Headscarf: Muslim Woman Seeks

20/03/2014, £7.99
'At the age of thirteen, I knew I was destined to marry John Travolta. One day he would arrive on my North London doorstep, fall madly in love with me and ask me to marry him. Then he would convert to Islam and become a devoted Muslim.'

Making Moderate Islam

23/11/2016, £20.99
Drawing on a decade of research into the community that proposed the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque,"
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