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Let's Co-operate

01/01/1986, £7.99
This is a book for parents and teachers of c hildren aged between three and twelve. It contains over 200 ideas and activities to promote co-operation and peaceful co nflict resolution in young children. '

The Cancer Whisperer: Finding Courage, D

26/01/2017, £8.99
'I have cancer. Cancer does not have me.' Sophie Sabbage was diagnosed with late stage 'incurable' lung cancer in October 2014. She was 48 years old, happily married with a 4-year-old daughter. Since that day - when doctors told Sophie that her progn

10% Happier

26/01/2017, £9.99
10% HAPPIER is a spiritual book written for - and by - someone who would otherwise never read a spiritual book.

101 ways to cope with grief & loss

Those who have experienced the death of someone close will find themselves on a journey through grief and loss. This book provides signposts to guide and aid the bereaved on their journey.

A Leopard Tamed

29/03/2018, £13.99
The story of A Leopard Tamed is set in Nasir, a tiny village on the banks of the Sobat River in the Sudan. It reads like the story of another world, of another time-but it is very much of our world, our time.

A Woman's Guide to Divorce

05/03/2015, £9.99
This book will inform and empower women who have decided to divorce, or are deciding whether to do so.

Absent Mothers

06/03/2018, £20.00
Missing, dead, disappeared, or otherwise absent mothers haunt us and the stories we tell ourselves.

Anxiety for Beginners

02/06/2016, £16.99
Anxiety for Beginners offers a vivid insight into the often crippling impact of anxiety disorders, a condition that is frequently invisible, shrouded in shame and misunderstood.
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