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Can I tell you about Bipolar Disorder?

21/02/2018, £8.99
If a grownup you love has bipolar disorder, what does that mean? In this friendly guide, 11-year-old Josh tells all about his dad's bipolar, including what mental illness is, and how it can affect patients and their families. The guide explains in

Can I Tell You About Friendship?: A Help

21/11/2019, £8.99
Meet Rhidi. Rhidi has friends, but would worry about friendships and being good at making friends. Sometimes he would get so worried that he couldn't sleep or want to leave his house!

Carlos the Chameleon

21/03/2018, £9.99
As a chameleon, it's in Carlos' nature to change his colours in order to fit into his surroundings.

Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Car

21/07/2017, £18.99
Hospice chaplains have traditionally played a unique part in palliative care, providing human compassion and support to help ease life's final chapter.

Child Sexual Exploitation After Rotherham: Understanding the Consequences and Recommendations for Practice

21/04/2017, £19.99
The scale of the Rotherham child protection scandal has led professionals responsible for safeguarding children in other regions to recognise the extent of child abuse in their area and consider how to respond efficiently.

Children and Spirituality: Searching for meaning and connectedness

24/01/2008, £17.99
Brendan Hyde identifies four characteristics of children's spirituality: the felt sense, integrating awareness, weaving the threads of meaning, and spiritual questing.

Counselling Skills for Working with Gender Diversity and Identity

21/03/2018, £25.00
For any student or practitioner needing to gain a sound understanding of the complex fields of gender variance, gender identity and gender dysphoria, this book provides the ideal starting point for the knowledge and skills that you need.
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