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First Year Out: A Transition Story

19/12/2017, £15.99
From laser hair removal and coming out to her parents, through to dating, voice training and gender reassignment surgery, this intimate and witty graphic novel follows Lily as she transitions to living as her true, female self.

Forgiveness in Practice

21/09/2018, £17.99
Forgiveness has often viewed as a religious obligation but is increasingly being advocated as a means of healing, release and promoting wellbeing. Forgiveness is variously viewed as a duty, virtue or cure, but when it comes to practising forgiveness

Forgiveness Is Really Strange

21/02/2018, £9.99
What enables people to forgive? And what are the risks and benefits of doing so? Why would I choose to forgive someone who has hurt me?

Forgiveness Project

21/01/2016, £8.99
What is forgiveness? Are some acts unforgivable? Can forgiveness take the place of revenge? Powerful real-life stories from survivors and perpetrators of crime and violence reveal the true impact of forgiveness on ordinary people worldwide.

Fortress Britain? Ethical approaches to immigration policy for a post-Brexit Britain

19/04/2018, £16.99
surrounding immigratition in a post-Brexit Britain with contributions from across the Christian and political spectrums.

Frog's Breathtaking Speech: How children

15/01/2012, £12.99
Frog is very worried as he has an important speech to make at his school assembly.

Gender Equality in Primary Schools: A Guide for Teachers

19/07/2018, £14.99
This hands-on guide supports primary teachers and other school staff in challenging gender stereotypes, and sets out advice on how to implement gender equality and respect in the curriculum, and in all areas of school life. An increase in the numb

Generation Y, Spirituality & Social Change

21/02/2019, £16.99
This collection of stories and interviews with young adults and their allies reflects both the energy and inspiration of the next generation and the tremendous challenges they face.
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