Climate change and sustainability

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Food Rules

01/01/2009, £4.99
In sixty-four bite-sized pieces of advice, Michael Pollan's "Food Rules" tells you everything you need to know to eat healthily, dine happily and live well. Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. Using those seven simple words as his guide, internati

Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth

30/03/2016, £8.99
In this classic work that continues to inspire many readers, Jim Lovelock puts forward his idea that the Earth functions as a single organism.

Gossip from the Forest

Fairytales are one of our earliest and most vital cultural forms, and forests one of our most ancient landscapes. Both evoke a similar sensation in us - we find them beautiful and magical, but also spooky, sometimes horrifying. In this fascinating b

Hell and High Water

01/04/2008, £8.99
Climate change is the greatest challenge that the world has ever faced. In this groundbreaking new book, Alastair McIntosh summarises the science of what is happening to the planet - both globally and using Scotland as a local case study.

Hello nature

01/01/2016, £12.95
A children's nature book filled with activities and facts.

How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footpri

13/05/2010, £9.99
From a text message to a war, from a Valentine's rose to a flight or even having a child, How Bad are Bananas? gives us the carbon answers we need and provides plenty of revelations.

How to connect with nature

A deep knowledge of our natural environment is no longer a vital part of everyday survival, certainly for those of us living in cities and working in weatherproof offices. Unless we have an inherent love of the great outdoors, do we really need to co

Irreplaceable: The fight to save our wil

27/06/2019, £18.99
For readers of George Monbiot, Mark Cocker and Robert Macfarlane - an urgent and lyrical account of endangered places around the globe and the people fighting to save them.


01/01/2016, £9.99
This book is short-listed for the Samuel Johnson prize 2015. Landmarks is Robert Macfarlane's joyous meditation on words, landscape and the relationship between the two.

Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 10

24/10/2016, £25.00
From mystical woodlands and sweeping downland to the twinkling lights of coastal towns and the dramatic architechture of Britain's cities, this magnificent collection showcases the country's best photographic talent.
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