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A Book of Graces

01/03/2009, £9.99
This lovely volume contains a rich variety of graces - brief enough to fit into the busiest life, elegant enough for the most formal occasion.

A girl called Jack

27/02/2014, £12.99
100 easy and delicious meals on a tight budget with Jack Monroe's A Girl Called Jack. Jack is a cash-strapped single mum living in Southend.

A Modern Way to Cook

16/07/2015, £25.00
From the author of the brilliant A Modern Way to Eat, a new collection of delicious, healthy, inspiring vegetarian recipes - that are so quick to make they're achievable on any night of the week.

A Year in Cheese

03/09/2015, £20.00
55 classic and inventive recipes using seasonal cheese.

Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast

27/09/2012, £19.99
We should all be eating more vegetables, and Anjum's plethora of scintillating flavours means even the most carnivorous among us will be happy to give meat a miss.

Baladi: Palestine - a celebration of foo

18/10/2018, £26.00
In the Times Food Book of the Year 2018, Joudie Kalla , author of the bestselling Palestine on a Plate , introduces readers to more of the Middle East's best-kept secret - Palestinian cuisine .

Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes

01/12/2014, £25.00
Here's a cookbook destined to be talked-about this season, rich in techniques and recipes epitomising the way we cook and eat now.

Brain Maker

07/05/2015, £13.99
Neurological disorders are on the rise - from ADHD and anxiety to depression and even dementia.
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