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Answering That of God: discovering Spirit within

01/04/2012, £3.00
What do we mean when, as Quakers, we speak of 'that of God'? This booklet speaks with a bold clarity both to the reader at home and to a study group looking for inspiring encounters.

But Who Do You Say That I Am? Quakers and Christ today

'But who do you say that I am?' is an overview of various perspectives on Christ among Quakers today. This booklet touches much that is now unspoken in Quakerism to provoke response, especially in study groups.

Explorations: discovering a spiritual way

'Explorations' unfolds the journeys of some Quakers as they discover a spiritual way that speaks to them.

Journeying the Heartlands: exploring spiritual practices of Quaker worship

Journeying the Heartlands aims to help Quakers re-examine and re-experience the range of spiritual practices embedded in the unity of our worship.

Living Adventurously

01/01/2019, £3.00
To live adventurously is to take a leap into our personal unknown. The riches we discover will depend upon the risk and depth of the exploration we have dared. Inevitably there is uncertainty; too much discernment stifles the Spirit.

Love Growing In Us

Kindlers Booklet 5. Questioning the peace testimony.

Signposts: Quakers exploring interfaith

'Signposts' tells the stories of how some Quakers have explored interfaith encounters and come to new understandings.
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