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Answering That of God: discovering Spirit within

01/04/2012, £3.00
What do we mean when, as Quakers, we speak of 'that of God'? This booklet speaks with a bold clarity both to the reader at home and to a study group looking for inspiring encounters.

But Who Do You Say That I Am? Quakers and Christ today

'But who do you say that I am?' is an overview of various perspectives on Christ among Quakers today. This booklet touches much that is now unspoken in Quakerism to provoke response, especially in study groups.

Explorations: discovering a spiritual way

'Explorations' unfolds the journeys of some Quakers as they discover a spiritual way that speaks to them.

Journeying the Heartlands: exploring spiritual practices of Quaker worship

Journeying the Heartlands aims to help Quakers re-examine and re-experience the range of spiritual practices embedded in the unity of our worship.

Love Growing In Us

Kindlers Booklet 5. Questioning the peace testimony.

Signposts: Quakers exploring interfaith

'Signposts' tells the stories of how some Quakers have explored interfaith encounters and come to new understandings.

The power we call God - towards a global understanding: Quaker threshings

01/01/2017, £3.00
The power of God is known in new ways for many of us today. This can be pursued over four challenging group sessions. This booklet will spark strong responses when read alone but is aimed at those bold study groups who dare to live adventurously.
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