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Personal and Social Issues

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The world is a very confusing place for Tilly. She tries her best but can't seem to understand the rules like everyone else does. As she gets older things get harder, but perhaps, now she knows about autism, being different won't be so difficult.
An uplifting story celebrating families of all shapes and sizes, from Dr Ranj, bestselling author and the nation's favourite doctor. Rohan is excited for the SUPERFAMILY SUMMER FESTIVAL where everyone will come together for a day of games, music...
What are your BIG dreams? Maybe you'd like to be a scientist, an award-winning journalist, play in a rock band, swim in the Olympic Games, groom dogs, own a bakery or even help to run your country? We all have different dreams, that's what makes us u
In this gloriously upbeat and lyrical ode, debut author Dominique Furukawa and accalimed illustrator Erika Lynne Jones celebrate Black and mixed-race girls in all their beauty, diversity and joy.
Part of the best-selling Can I Tell You about... series this book raises awareness about children who live with and care for parents or other relatives in the home.
From Waterstones Children's Laureate Joseph Coelho come 25 more bold and brave poems for children. These waltzing verses for reading aloud were written to comfort and inspire! With his third read-aloud poetry book, Coelho focuses on building kids
Shows how to forgive in an active, healthy way by moving through a five-step process that renounces vengeance and retaliation but is not passive or self-abusive in any way.
This special book asks children a simple question: How Can We Be Kind? The answer is: by learning from the animal kingdom!