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A Bright Acoustic

22/06/2017, £9.95
In these restlessly exploratory poems and sequences, the space between things is never empty, but alive with messages. Utterly physical even when it is at its most enquiring, Philip Gross's latest collection contemplates space and sound.

A Slither of Air

Alison Lock takes her inspiration from dreams, memories, childhood days in Devon and from the wild landscapes of the Yorkshire Pennines and beyond for this sensuous and imaginative collection.

A Speaking Silence: Quaker Poets of Today

01/10/2013, £9.95
This new anthology of Quaker poets, from well-known names to exciting newcomers, offers a wide-ranging exploration of the real world, seen through a distinctively Quaker poetic lens.


01/11/2017, £7.50
These twenty-five poems are perennials but may also serve as daily Advent readings from 1st December.

Being Alive

28/10/2004, £12.00
'Being Alive' is the sequel to Neil Astley's 'Staying Alive', which became Britain's most popular poetry book because it gave readers hundreds of thoughtful and passionate poems about living in the modern world.

Being Human

01/03/2011, £12.99
"Being Human" is the third book in the "Staying Alive" poetry trilogy. "Staying Alive" and its sequel "Being Alive" have introduced many thousands of new readers to contemporary poetry.

Cat Psalms: Prayers my cats have taught

19/08/2016, £7.99
"Cats help me pray," says Herbert Brokering. This collection of whimsical, insightful psalms, or prayers, is based on Brokering's observations of cats he has known through his life - farm cats, house cats, alley cats.

Classical Poems by Arab Women

25/12/1999, £12.95
Arab women poets have been around since the earliest of times, yet their diwans (collected poems) were not given the same consideration as their male counterparts'.
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