Quaker history and biography

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"Dear George..."

20/11/2013, £10.00
George Gorman had enormous influence during the forty years he worked for Quakers, acting as a comfortable catalyst between the small Quaker world and the fast-changing world of the 20th centry Britain. He transformed the public perception of Quaker

A Living Faith Second Edition

15/05/1990, £16.99
A systematic theological reflection on Quaker beliefs. Widely used in theology courses. Includes questions for use in group discussions and a glossary of theological terms.

A Quaker Goes to Spain: The Diplomatic Mission

20/02/2015, £24.95
In the summer of 1813, as war with Britain intensified, President James Madison secretly dispatched an envoy to the Regency government of Spain with the urgent goal of thwarting a feared British bid to use Spanish Florida.

A Ready Man: Hugh Stowell Brown: Preache

19/09/2019, £8.99
Discover how Hugh became a famous preacher, president of the Baptist Union, and both friend and mentor to C H Spurgeon.

A Tale of Two Journeys

01/01/2006, £4.00
The Fry diaries: France and Belgium in the early 1800s.

A true friend to China

The Friends Ambulance Unit 'China Convoy' 1945-1951. China in the late 1940s was an ancient society still in the grips of feudalism, desperately poor and in need of modernisation. Jack Jones wrote a contemporary account of day to day life there.

Adam Curle: Radical Peacemaker

01/04/2017, £30.00
Adam Curle's pioneering work as founding Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University was far more significant in the peace studies field than is generally understood.
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