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Spirituality and interfaith

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Finding Jesus among Muslims

01/12/2017, £14.99
Why should Christians engage in interfaith dialogue with Muslims? Does Islam have anything to offer Christians? What is Islamophobia, and what should we do about it?


01/03/2018, £15.00
Companion to the major new BBC documentary series CIVILISATIONS, presented by Mary Beard, David Olusoga and Simon Schama The idea of 'civilisation' has always been debated, even fought over. At the heart of those debates lies the big question of h

Strangers or Co-Pilgrims?

01/11/2017, £24.99
A Methodist minister from Sri Lanka, Wesley Ariarajah served for over ten years as director of the Department of Interfaith Dialogue Program of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

The Bible and the Qur'an

08/02/2018, £19.99
The Bible and the Qur'an provides an overview of all the figures and groups who are mentioned in both the Bible and the Qur'an.

How to Be Human: The Manual

15/01/2018, £14.99
*FROM THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF FRAZZLED*A three way encounter between a Monk, a neuroscientist and Ruby Wax sounds like the set up for a joke.

How to Become a Multicultural Church

30/08/2017, £15.99
Many churches aspire to be more culturally diverse - but they find that they have no idea how to approach that goal practically.

The Elephant in the Dark

01/03/2016, £8.99
In a darkened room a group of men once sought to examine an elephant. Taking hold of a different part - an ear, a leg, the tail - each one mistook his particular part for the whole.

Native Mesoamerican Spirituality

01/05/1980, £22.99
The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality ever attempted!In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of the Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic
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