Faith power and peace

Author: Diana Francis
Publisher: Quaker Books
Swarthmore Lecture 2015. To say 'yes' to peace we must say a final 'no' to war and join together, heart and soul, in the task of creating peace by peaceful means, speaking with one authentic and passionate voice.
ISBN: 9781907123764
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Product description
Non violent peacemaking is not only a noble aspiration but a down-to-earth, practical job to be done, and one that is already underway. Diane Francis draws on her extensive experience to affirm Quakers' historic rejection of all war, arguing that militarism cannot make sense as a response to human vulnerability. She describes how nonviolent power can transform violent situations and provide a radically different model for interntational relations. This book shows that, especially for Quakers, nonviolent peacemaking is a matter of faith that we can and must affirm; not an ideology but a deep sense of possibility, born of love.
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