Forged in the Fire

Author: Ann Turnball
The second book in Ann Turnbull's trilogy following the fortunes of two young Quakers in 17th-century England.
ISBN: 9781406340082
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Product description

London 1665 - 66. With the Plague raging and the scent of smoke upon the wind, Will and Susanna, separated by class and distance, struggle to re-unite. Will has become a Quaker and broken with his father. Leaving Susanna behind in Shropshire, he travels to London, swearing to send for her once he is settled. But Will is arrested and thrown in jail for standing up for his beliefs. This, along with the rapidly spreading plague and a dire misunderstanding, conspire to keep them apart. A powerful story about how love and belief can overcome even the most terrifying twists of fate, this beautifully written tale will capture the imaginations of readers of all ages.

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