The Other Side of Truth

Author: Beverley Naidoo
Pub Date: 06/07/2017
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Sade and Femi’s father is an outspoken journalist who always writes the truth, but his latest article puts the children in terrible danger. They must flee their country at once, and alone. Once they reach England, will they be safe?
ISBN: 9780141377353
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Product description
This is the story of 12 year-old Sade and her brother Femi who flee to Britain from Nigeria. Their father is a political journalist who refuses to stop criticising the military rulers in Nigeria. Their mother is killed and they are sent to London, with their father promising to follow. Abandoned at Victoria Station by the woman paid to bring them to England as her children, Sade and Femi find themselves alone in a new, often hostile, environment. Seen through the eyes of Sade, the novel explores what it means to be classified as 'illegal' and the difficulties which come with being a refugee.
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