An Experiment in Faith 323

Author: Margery Post Abbott
Pub Date: 01/10/1995
PHP 323 Quaker Faith and Practice
ISBN: 0875743234
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I want to share the story of a walk down two paths. Along one, I have come to terms with a fuller understanding of Quaker faith and practice in a worship group of Evangelical and Liberal women. Along the other, God’s presence has opened me to unexpected depths in my own faith. These two paths are intertwined. I cannot describe one without the other. We are a group of women who worked together for years, then were joined by others as we have met regularly and come to share about our lives and faith. The years have brought us to a point of real friendship and trust. Now we reach beyond the civility and caution which initially governed our interactions and share frankly of our knowledge of God. After years of growing friendship we can hear each other with appreciation and a sense that we each do speak out of a deep faith despite our strong differences. More years are needed to explore what that means within our respective yearly meetings.
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