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Beginners Guide to Eco Renovation: Under

Are you planning work on your house to make it more energy efficient and sustainable? Is the builder getting ready to start and you’re overwhelmed by questions? Do you need help understanding the language and process of a renovation?
Publisher: Aoec Press
ISBN: 9780993077234
Author Judith Leary-Joyce
Pub Date 13/09/2022
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Judith was in exactly that position when work began on her 1901 Victorian end of terrace house. Her determination to be eco-friendly and make the house more energy efficient clashed with everyday building practice, requiring more project planning and active involvement than expected. It was a steep learning curve, but she came out of the experience with a much wider understanding, not to mention a sustainable house that saves 75% of previous energy usage and an EPC rating that jumped from D to B. The challenge of finding her way through competing online information inspired her to write the book she needed, so others can learn from her experience and her mistakes. Always good at asking for help, Judith has been supported throughout by an eco-informed architect. The end result is a clear, concise lay persons summary of the retrofit / renovation process. By reading this book you will get to grips with: important building terms so you can hold an informed and productive conversation the key elements involved in creating an energy efficient home the different stages of the planning process and who does what types of insulation - effectiveness, ease of use and cost how the airtightness line works and why it’s important to hold your builder to account the vital role of ventilation how to manage your waste without resorting to the dump. Judith has an easy to read, chatty style. This book is the equivalent of sitting down over coffee to learn from each other’s experiences. She is generous with her stories, outlining successes as well as failures, so you don’t have to go down the same dead ends. Her aim is to give you the confidence to ask questions and challenge the thinking of your builders so you can make informed decisions about your home - the way you want and need it to perform. Judith would love to hear about your experiences and share her new projects, so go to her blog: