How To Read The Bible

Author: Richard Holloway
Pub Date: 04/09/2006
Publisher: Granta books
HOW TO READ is a new sort of introduction - a personal master-class in reading - which brings you face-to-face with the work of some of the most challenging writers in history.
ISBN: 1862078939
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Product description
The trouble with reading the Bible is that it claims to be God's autobiography, so the first thing readers must do is decide what they understand by God and how they are going to interpret his role in the rambling library of books that claim his worship. Richard Holloway's useful dialectical approach to this central question will allow non-believers as well as believers to profit from a study of the most influntial book in human history. The book discusses significant passages from both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, and explores the evolution of the split between the two communities, the tragic consequences of which still reverberate powerfully.
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