Steps in a Large Room: A Quaker explores the monastic tradition

Author: Christopher Holdsworth
Publisher: Quaker Books
Christopher Holdsworth's 1985 Swarthmore lecture draws on his own experience to present aspects of the monastic tradition which mjay be useful for Quakers.
ISBN: 0901689769
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Product description
Christopher Holdsworth's own experience led him to become interested in the monastic tradition, and to spend much of his life in learning more about it as a mediaeval historian. In this book he presents aspects of that tradition which may be useful for Quakers. Starting from outward things, like stability, humility, obedience and the regular attendance at public worship, the author moves towards other sides of what the tradition calls the exploration of the heart, which he calls inner space: namely attentive reading of the Bible, and prayer. 'We, like Benedict's monks, need to let the whole of ourselves be irradiated with the Spirit, so that, in George Fox's memorable phrase, our lives preach.'
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