Costing Not Less Than Everything: Sustainability and spirituality in challenging times

Author: Pam Lunn
Pub Date: 01/08/2011
Publisher: Quaker Books
Pam Lunn's 2011 Swarthmore lecture explores how our spiritual and social community can help us meet the challenge of climate change.
ISBN: 9781907123214
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Product description
It is no longer possible to ignore that this planet is a finite resource. In our future as a human species we are bound together, worldwide, with each other and with the ‘real global economy’ of a fragile natural environment. With quiet urgency and deep honesty Pan Lunn addresses the unsustainability of the way we all live in the industrialised West, but this is not a counsel of despair or guilt. Realistic and well informed about the evolutionary basis of co-operation as well as the spiritual dimension, she puts forward an unsentimental argument for the possibility as well as the necessity of community.
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