Dining with diplomats, praying with gunmen

Author: Anne Bennett
Publisher: Quaker Books
Conciliation involves working with people who have used violence to achieve their goals. It means gaining a deeper understanding of their aims, while maintaining a strong moral but neutral position.
ISBN: 9781999314156


Product description

This book sheds light on a fascinating yet little-known area of Quaker work: international conciliation. It examines the quiet, patient but determined processes that underpin this work, and its place in a changing world.

 The book follows an inspiring conference in September 2019, at which experienced conciliators and younger peace activists came together to share learning and consider how to take the work forward with renewed energy.

 Anne Bennett has broad experience in conciliation. For Quakers in Britain she developed peacemaking programmes in areas of violent conflict before working in Lebanon and Belfast. She has written and spoken widely on the subject and is the author of To trust a spark, about Quaker efforts to build peace in the former Yugoslavia. Anne attends Brant Broughton Quaker Meeting in Lincolnshire.

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