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From the Devil, Learned and Burned

From the Devil, Learned and Burned is a work of fiction based on an incredible true story.
Publisher: Satrap Publishing
ISBN: 9781872302393
Author Farkhondeh Aghaie
Pub Date 27/10/2017
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Written in the form of a diary, the narrative tells us of the life of Volga, a homeless Christian who lost her home many years ago when her fanatic of a Muslim husband threw her out onto the streets of Tehran. She has no bed to call her own and is constantly on the move, sleeping on street corners, in parks, guesthouses and the homes, offices and cars of anyone she knows. She is caring, honest and extraordinarily strong. She believes in the independence of women and does not surrender to the prevailing idea in her society that a woman must be dependent on a man. In her struggles, Volga encounters and tackles a great number of issues which are controversial not just in the Iranian society, but in many other parts of the world: discrimination against women and minorities, independent financial stability for women, and lack of a sound social welfare system to help the most vulnerable. Best Novel of the Year Awarded by the Iranian Press & Media Critics and Writers in 2007.