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Fed up with competitive games where it all ends in tears? Here’s one that is fun to play and gets everyone talking.
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Discover what home means to you, on a journey through the ages of life. Explore family, shelter, community, the world around you, and your own inner peace. Discuss what life events bring you and how your character in the game affects your decisions. Compete or collaborate, the choice is yours. Journey Home is a board game for 2 to 6 players, age 12+, with a role-playing element. Each player starts at home, is born in a different position in life, has certain life-long qualities, and is faced with certain events and choices. The aim is to go home, and the game ends when one or more players have completed the journey and acquired the necessary number of tokens. The relationship and role-playing characters of the players develop during the game, with discussions that will deepen their understanding of home, and with possibilities for co-operation. Journey Home is a game to help you discover what it means to be at home.