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At just 17 Fatima Meer threw herself into resisting racism the first public act of defiance in a long and pioneering political life.
Do you call yourself a feminist? What does this mean in your daily life? In this book, South African feminists explore their often vastly different experiences and perspectives in accessible and engaging voices.
Botho Pere finds work as a miner in South Africa and he has to leave his wife, Nthatisi, and their two children in Lesotho. There are secrets threatening to unravel the delicate thread that has been holding their family together.
This book, originally banned and not available for decades, adds a vital dimension to our understanding of South Africa's recent history.
Albert Luthuli's Extrodinary story is also that of the African National Congress, which he led for fifteen years.
Tshepo, a young student at Rhodes, has a difficult time keeping up with his own strange mind. He is absorbed in making sense of a traumatic past in a violent country and so when he finds himself at the Valkenberg mental facility, it is perhaps not en