Pacifism Under Test: Experiences of the FAU and the FRS in World War Two

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This DVD has been produced by the Quaker Service Memorial Trust using extracts from filmed interviews with former members of the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) and the Friends Relief Service (FRS). The interviews recall the challenges to the beliefs of pacifists and conscientious objectors and to the Quaker Peace testimony when confronted with the evils of Hitler and Nazi Germany during World War Two. The film extracts show the personal responses and reflections of some of those who served in the FAU and FRS and give an insight into pacifism and what it meant to this particular group of people. Quakers today may find the DVD useful in study and discussion groups when exploring some of the following issues: Where do our pacifist beliefs come from? How do we interpret the Quaker Peace testimony in the 21dt century? What is the role of individual conscience in deciding on our course of action? How do we find the courage to take a stand against what the rest of society is demanding of us? What should we do if helping others may compromise any of our beliefs?
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