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Long Way from Adi Ghehad

01/07/2017, £16.50
With immigration and asylum seekers high on the agenda of governments throughout Europe, the life story of Dr Teame Mebrahtu is a timely reminder of a positive side of what has become a contentious and potentially divisive issue.

The Gilgamesh Gene

04/09/2017, £25.00
What was it that initially separated us from other primates? What was different about Homo sapiens 30,000 years ago that predicated our survival and the demise of our closest rivals, the Neanderthals?

The Hidden Girl: The Journey of a Soul

18/04/2018, £25.00
This book charts the author's long journey of healing from the trauma caused by having to go into hiding as a child and having to deny that she was Jewish.

The Letters of Marsilio Ficino

01/09/2015, £25.00
This series is the first English translation of the letters of the philosopher priest who helped to shape the Renaissance worldview.

What If It Were You?: A Collection of Hu

07/03/2019, £10.00
A child bride paralysed by fear, a man trapped in a life of slavery, a couple imprisoned for simply loving one another, a woman who refuses to bow to social pressure.
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