Conscience : A World War 1 critical thinking project

Conscience uses original source material from 1914 - 1919 to engage children with the dilemmas faced by families in WW1.
ISBN: 9781907123726
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It is intended for use in primary schools at Key Stage 2, but could also be adapted for use in secondary schools at Key Stage 3. Through engaging with speaking and listening activities in pairs and groups, the materials support children in: * exploring their personal understanding of consicience and how they understand the difference between right and wrong * thinking carefully about the difficulties and dilemmas faced by people caught up in historical events. It is intended that teachers use Conscience as appropriate in their own classes. The focus is on facilitating the development of children's opinions on a contentious subject. To focus the work on a particular curriculum area, a list of suggested areas from the National Curriculum 2014 programme of study are included in the pack.
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