Twelve Quakers and Prayer

Author: Quaker Quest
Publisher: Quaker Quest
Quaker Quest Pamhlet 10. What is prayer? If it isn't pleading or wishing, what is it? What's the point when prayers are not answered? Is prayer expecting God to do what we should do? Can you pray if you don't believe in God?
ISBN: 9780955898372
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Twelve Quakers respond to these and many more questions about prayer from their own experience. Each responds differently. Some recognise that how they know or understand God shapes their prayer life. Some see praying as 'holding in the light'. Some know that letting go of self to enter into a greater self is crucial for them. All see prayer as communication. Simply and clearly, they describe how they pray and tell of the changes it has made to their lives. They hope their attempts will insoire readers to engage again with prayer in a more experiemental and radical way.
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